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When one user on client (A) is initiating a synch (with another OmniFocus serving as server) while a second user is editing a notes filed on another Omnifocus on another client (B), it occasionally happens, that the notes field under editing (on B) is overwritten with the older information of the other client (A) initiating the synch. At this point, also the view information from A is enforced on B. E.g. if the task which notes field was edited on B was in another task and that task obviously was unfolded, it would be not visible anymore in case task was folded on client (A) while initiating the synch.

This happens about twice a day since a while, and we changed many configurations, but we still keep loosing data when editing notes fields.

Our configuration:
* System which runs the Omni Focus serving: MacMini, PPC, 10.4.11
* OmniFocus 1.7.3 (v77.40 r118571)
* Clients: All PPC Mac, 10.4.11
* Connection from client to Server via Bonjour
* Router: Netgear, IP address through DHCP
* all machines are synched to the same time server

Would this problem go away, if we switch to a WebDAV server?
Is a WebDAV server a more reliable solution for synching data (I know WebDAV has locking mechanism, so I'm wondering if this could help in solving our issue)

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.