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I am in total and complete agreement with you. I too, for months, have been receiving the same band-aid workaround from the folks at Omni Group, instead of delivery of the real solution. The simple fact of the matter is Omni Outliner is the best outliner program on the market, but without true and full Dropbox or iCloud synchronization it's akin to owning a ferrari that you can't take out of the driveway.

I was willing to be patient at first with the company line that "we are working on it with no clear eta" but now my patience is wearing thin. That line has been the company line for far too long now. Moreover, I am tired and frustrated with hearing back from OO user experts of staff about long and technical descriptions about how I can manually get the ferrari out of the driveway, but frankly that simply is no longer good enough.

Enough is enough Omni Outliner. Figure out a way, IN THE NEXT 2-3 WEEKS, NOT 2-3 MONTHS, to make OO files sync automatically with Dropbox and/or iCloud, or else one-upon-a-time supportive and loyal customers like me are going to start telling you how we really feel :-)


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