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While it is true that you can't open it from Dropbox on your iPad, it certainly doesn't make OO for iPad useless.
This may have been covered elsewhere, so apologies if this isn't new. While you can't open directly from Dropbox within Omnioutliner, you can push to Omnioutliner from the (free) Dropbox app. You can also push your outline back to Dropbox when you're done, then open it on your desktop.

From desktop to iPad.
  • Save file (as regular Omnioutliner 3 document) to any Dropbox folder in Finder (I have a folder called OmniO - but it can be anywhere)
  • Open the Dropbox app on your iPad, find and select the file.
  • Press the "open in" button that's at the top right (arrow pointing out of box) and choose Omnioutliner
  • Your outline will open in Omnioutliner

From iPad to Desktop.
  • In Documents view, press the same-looking "send to" icon (arrow pointing out of box.)
  • Choose "send to app"
  • Select Dropbox
  • Provided you're online, the file will immediately sync to Dropbox. If you're offline, you will need to open the Dropbox app when you're online again to sync.
  • Your outline will be in your desktop Dropbox folder ready to be opened using Omnioutliner on the desktop.

For those feeling clever...

You can use GoodReader to sync Dropbox folders with Goodreader folders. If you have a folder with all your outlines in Dropbox, and you're going to be offline (say on a flight), you don't need to manually sync all of your outlines to Omnioutliner on the iPad up front. If you set up the a Goodreader sync folder, press one button to "sync", and all your outlines (actually.. anything that's in the given sync folder) will be synced to the "local folder" within Goodreader. From there, you can push the outlines to Omnioutliner as you need them. When you're done, you can push them back the same way you would if you were pushing them back to Dropbox. When you're online again, sync Goodreader with Dropbox (one button press) and all your outlines will be waiting for you on the desktop.

I think this is good as you can get within the current limitations. True syncing with iCloud is the obvious preferred solution.

I was interested in the neat way the SmileOnMyMac group implemented iCloud sync for their nice PDFPenPro app. iCloud was built in to the iPad app from the start, but they released a nice little companion app that syncs to iCloud on the desktop for people running PDFPenPro desktop version (which doesn't have iCloud support if purchased prior to the release of the Mac app store version).

You see it it here (Mac app store page - might bounce you to app store)

Hope this helps :-)