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This may have been covered elsewhere, so apologies if this isn't new. While you can't open directly from Dropbox within Omnioutliner, you can push to Omnioutliner from the (free) Dropbox app. You can also push your outline back to Dropbox when you're done, then open
That's a nice theory. Too bad it doesn't seem to be true :)

The Dropbox app that I have (1.4.6) doesn't know what to do with package files (which is what OmniOutliner always creates, and OmniGraffle creates if you don't tell it otherwise). If you have a package file in your Dropbox, if you tap on it, Dropbox just drills into the package folder, and does not know to offer to send it to the app that has registered to handle that package folder type. OmniFocus does know how to do this, and if I embed package files from OO or OG in an OmniFocus action, they can be handed off to their respective apps correctly.

I haven't seen anything on the Dropbox forums that would suggest anything has been done to change this, and it does need to be changed on the Dropbox side (or Omni needs to start offering a flat file option for OmniOutliner like it does with OmniGraffle). Others have been asking for this, too: