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I've been looking for a good project mgmt app that would display my current projects based on approaching due dates (and completion if possible), for example...if I have 4 personal projects due 1/1, 2/1, 3/1 and 4/1 respectively as well as 4 photography projects and 4 business projects with the same dates, each with their own set of there any way to have OF list hem based on their priority. I'd obviously like to see the most impending ones first....and to take it a step further...I'd like to see the projects that need the most attention (or which I've completed the LEAST number of actions) first. If I could see them on a calendar as well that might be helpful. I was thinking that a color system would be good. So if I could have all projects due in 4 months or so colored green, slowly turning yellow/red as the dates approach. Does anyone know if OF is capable of any such listing? Or is anyone aware of any apps that might be a good match? Tanks.