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Hello to all,

I got a problem with the snap to grid feature here:

I need to arrange boxes the width of which is always 1cm or a multiple of 1cm. So I set up a grid with major grid lines at a distance of 1cm:

I'd like to use the snap to grid feature now to arrange that boxes (there are some hundred of themů), but it proves systematically inexact. The boxes won't snap at multiples of 1 cm, but always right next to that, eg x=17,0958 instead of 17.

I presume that's due to the border stroke, which is set to 1pt. Is that true?

Do I have to get rid of the stroke or is there another way to solve that problem (apart from setting the right values manually)? Is there a setting to make the stroke run at the inner side of the object border instead of the outer side or centered?

Thanks a lot for any hint -- it could save me quite some time!


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