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Sorry, joining this thread late. I use Omnioutliner on Mac - excellent tool. Would love to see it on iPhone. In answer to your initial questions on what user needs/desires would be:

1) Do you need multiple columns of data, column types, or the column summary options?

Multiple columns would be nice, but not essential for me. However, status checkboxes would be important for me.

2) Do you need formatting support? Or just plain text like OmniFocus for the iPhone.

Plain text is fine for me ... although, status checkboxes would imply more then plain text wouldn't it :) In any case, formatting support (for me) does not need to be extensive.

3) Do you need attachment support?


4) Should it be a viewer only, or have editing capabilities? If just a viewer only, how well does the Quick Look preview/DHTML export meet your needs? (Viewing the export on the iPhone that is)

Definitely need to be able to edit as well as view.

5) What kind of syncing expectations do you have? This would be one big reason why OmniOutliner 4 needs to be developed first as OO3 is not designed for merging synced changes.

Syncing is not required for me, because I would plan to use Dropbox for that purpose (thus making outline files accessible on Mac and on iPhone).