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I will only buy iPad version AFTER iPhone version

To show that there is still huge demand for this, users have been adding replies regularly for the last 4 years. This is my first post. I'm a new user and almost didn't buy Omni Outliner because of the lack of iPhone syncing. If CarbonFin had a native OSX app, I would have put up with its limited functionality and gone with that. I won't be buying the iPad version until I have an iPhone version for all the reasons listed above, and some more below.

But I'm pleased that Omni asked the question, so here are my answers:

1) No - I can live without multiple columns, etc., at least initially.*

2) No - plain text would be absolutely fine.*

3) No - attachment support isn't required.*

*As long as saving the file on the iPhone doesn't remove or corrupt the non-visible data.

4) A viewer with status check ability would be better than nothing, editing support would be much, much better. I wouldn't pay money for a viewer, but definitely would for an editor. If it's too difficult then even just the ability to add lines that come out in a iPhone-edited-format in OSX outliner would be acceptable to me, and still much more useful than a reader.

5) Dropbox would be perfect for syncing. All outlines can be kept in various project specific folders, synced via dropbox. That way when access is required all you need is to find and open via dropbox, then save back to dropbox. I could live with iCloud syncing, but for serious work where directory structures are required (and the ability to view OPMLs in mind mapping software) I would much prefer dropbox.

I have an iPad and an iPhone, and despite the screen size and processor power restrictions, I would much much rather have omni outliner on my iPhone than my iPad.

As everyone else has mentioned the iPhone is with me at all times. So when I think of something on the road or in the middle of the night, I want to be able to open and edit a basic version of any relevant outline. I don't want to have to predict which outlines I may want to access and save them as OPML's. I want to be able to open and save all OO3's (or OO4's) normally on any device, as I can with .pages, .numbers, .key, .xlsx, .docx, .pptx, .JPG, .CR2, etc.

Also iPhones are personal devices, iPads are very often shared devices, as such my iPad is much less secure than my iPhone. I often pass my iPad to a client or friend, even the kids and babysitter know the iPad password. I'd rather they couldn't easily stumble into my business plan.

I have OmniFocus for OSX, iPad and iPhone and only use the iPad version when working with someone on a shared GTD exercise. So once I've been using the iPhone version for a while, if I find myself wishing for more screen real estate and functionality, I'll get the iPad version (which I hope can be password protected).

So to me a limited functionality version available in Q1 2013 would be much better than a full functionality version in Q4 2014. Just make the limitations clear in the blurb, then you can plough the revenue into expanding the team to develop a full featured version.

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