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I second markrs' idea. Just today I was working with OO and wishing I could group various OO files together under a single umbrella, with the files appended one to another in a sort of tabbed "project notebook" fashion. I'm working on a book project with a lot of chapters, sub-outlines, and reference notes, and while I love how clean the OO interface is, it's a pain to have to keep several separate OO windows open simultaneously (or close them and risk forgetting about them).

I know I can achieve something similar with Circus Ponies' "Notebook," but I find the UI a little too ... goofy for my taste. I often write in Scrivener, but I find the program's outlining capabilities underwhelming. MS Word for Mac has a very clean "Notebook" view, but aside from tabs it doesn't offer much. OneNote is indeed great but I'm never goin' back to Redmond.

So, yeah, an OmniNotebook -- that would be awesome. I notice that CP's Notebook offers a way to integrate a (crude) to-do list that syncs with iCal; I'd imagine Omni could do something far more smooth and sophisticated by somehow integrating bits of one's OmniFocus list. For that matter, the OmniNotebook could tie into OmniPlan too: I could outline my book, collect notes, create to-do lists (what to research/write next, etc.), then set deadlines and look at it all on a calendar so I'd know what's due when. Sign me up for beta; heck, hire me as a consultant!

Now if only Omni follow my detailed plans for the perfect notecard manager ("OmniNote"?), my dream would be complete ...