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I would love to purchase your apps for the Mac, iPhone and iPad but I would like to see a new feature first. First when is iPad version coming out. I like the ability to sync all devices with the Mac but wouldn't it be better if you could do the following (well it would for me anyway):

1) All syncing is to to and from the cloud.

2) Create new inbox to do items by sending email to the cloud (think about what you do with TripIt, you email plans to TripIt and then sync your mobile apps with the cloud. This allows you to create a to do item from effectively anywhere.

One of the central ideas behind GTD is to have a trusted location for your work list. My problem is that to do items come up in the hallway, and all sorts of other inconvenient places. I must be able to create a to do from anywhere. If I'm driving, I can use speech recognition to create an email. If this email could end up in my to do inbox, part of my digital life would be complete.