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I would love to purchase your apps for the Mac, iPhone and iPad but I would like to see a new feature first. First when is iPad version coming out. I like the ability to sync all devices with the Mac but wouldn't it be better if you could do the following (well it would for me anyway):

1) All syncing is to to and from the cloud.
Done. OmniFocus syncs with the WebDAV protocol, and the master database is "in the cloud" although with the Bonjour sync option, one of your machines makes the cloud. Each copy of OmniFocus syncs with the master database, not directly with other copies of OmniFocus. Many people use MobileMe for their WebDAV provider, there's an Omni server in beta test (look on the OmniFocus sync forum for signup details), and various posters have successfully used some of the free providers such as SwissDisk, etc. There is another thread on the OmniFocus sync forum that catalogs various third-party providers and experiences. Personally, I would recommend the Omni or Apple offerings.

2) Create new inbox to do items by sending email to the cloud (think about what you do with TripIt, you email plans to TripIt and then sync your mobile apps with the cloud. This allows you to create a to do item from effectively anywhere.
Done. You can send email to OmniFocus to create actions if you use Apple Mail to read mail sent to the mail account you use for this purpose. If you leave it running, the messages are automatically turned into actions and synced into the master database. See the help for "processing mail" in the program.
One of the central ideas behind GTD is to have a trusted location for your work list. My problem is that to do items come up in the hallway, and all sorts of other inconvenient places. I must be able to create a to do from anywhere. If I'm driving, I can use speech recognition to create an email. If this email could end up in my to do inbox, part of my digital life would be complete.
The OmniFocus app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch works very well for ubiquitous capture, in my experience. Email to OmniFocus must be sent in plain text format, which might be an issue depending on how your speech recognition to email setup works. An email to yourself for later conversion to an action doesn't seem like an impossible hardship to me, but YMMV.

You should take advantage of the 14-day free trial to see if OmniFocus' functionality in these areas meets your needs.