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My problem is that to do items come up in the hallway, and all sorts of other inconvenient places. I must be able to create a to do from anywhere. If I'm driving, I can use speech recognition to create an email. If this email could end up in my to do inbox, part of my digital life would be complete.
Have a look at pp32-34 of the manual here

I use a blackberry, so Omnifocus for iPhone is not for me ;-) I've set up a specific email account to which I can send to-dos formatted as in the manual. I tend to have a draft email 'live' on my bberry, and once I've got several to-dos or new ideas captured, I fire it off, and it ends up in my Omni inbox next time I'm at my Mac.

As to voice messages, my way to achieve this is to ring a VOIP number I have and leave a message. VOIP provider emails me the voicemail as a .wav file attachment. Next time I'm processing email, I can listen to the message and then feed the task / idea into my system. (PS - this forwarding is zero-cost - I only have to pay for outgoing calls.......