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I know the new Leopard 10.5 is great, I'm using it at home. But at work, we're still on 10.4 and I guess we're not the only ones to wait a bit before upgrading to Leopard (numerous problems with existing software need to be solved well before we can make the step).

So I'm surprised Omni chooses to release OG5 as a Leopard-only release. I'm entitled to the free update, received the new license codes today, but can't use it until we upgrade to Leopard in a few months or so...

Seems to me that releasing a new version of a software product which only works on 10.5 just 5 months after 10.5 was released is not very good policy. If my numbers are right (keynote Steve Jobs in January), still 40% of Mac users are on 10.4!