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Originally Posted by luomat
Sorry, I have to ask... did you double check to make sure that it is turned on in OF preferences?
Yes, in fact I stopped it and restarted the server in case that was necessary.

are you trying localhost:11872 or or ?
Locally I'm actually using;

Via the Internet I was using no-ip.

Both worked very well before the port change from 3000. When 11872 was incorporated, nothing worked anymore. Yes, I had changed my Linksys port forwarding.


I answered the above question in case I was still doing it wrong. I'm definitely no expert at doing this stuff, but the basics are simple enough.

Anyway, I'm constantly getting the latest sneaky peek, and perhaps the ninjas found something because of my feedback.

I just tried Web access and it's working wonderfully. I haven't changed anything since my original post.