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I haven't seen much in the way of support of multiple user solutions yet.

The web app for OF could be used in a collaboration environment - but its all or nothing with a given copy of OF.

I've get a script in development that syncs selected data with a web todo service called Toodledo. Toodledo supports sharing specific projects with other Toodledo users.

So this script does allow:

OmniFocus <-> Toodledo(User1) <-> Toodledo(User2)

This means that user1 can have tasks visible, and or modifiable by another user with a fair amount of control over which projects are shared.

I'm hoping at some point this script will allow full OF - OF connections via

OmniFocus <-> Toodledo(User1) <-> Toodledo(User2) <-> OmniFocus

But right now the Toodledo API can't access the shared tasks

The project is at: