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Hi Rob,

First, thanks so very much for creating this. My AppleScript skills are so rusty I doubt I could have done it in several days of thrashing.

I wrote a Java app to convert my In Control documents (I know, don't laugh) to TaskPaper format, and then import these with your droplet. After 15 years of use, I have quite a lot of data that I don't want to lose. But with my purchase of a MacBook, running the Mac OS 9-only In Control app is no longer a viable option. So the release of OF and your droplet was quite timely.

I ran into three issues that might be of interest to you:

1. With large imports, I get an "AppleEvent timed out" error message. I worked around this by breaking up my import data on a per-project basis.

Though sometimes this happens even with smaller imports - seems related to whether I switch between OF and the droplet during the import.

2. Notes seem to get an extra carriage return at the end. Not significant.

3. If I import a task with a short name (< 4 characters), I'll get an AppleScript error that says "Can't make {} into type <<class pALL>>". For example, if the task is "- ID" then this happens. I just added " stuff" to the end of short task titles to work around this.

So in the end, I was able to get my 3000+ items converted from In Control to OmniFocus. Now I just need to clean them all up :)

-- Ken