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Some of my projects have a lot of steps where the notes only apply to one of those steps, not all. Like getting the Autumn Newsletter out will start with

Get quote from printers for 3,000 to be delivered on 25th October
(note: see if they can get designer A as we prefer his style)

Put out request for submissions
(note: remember David is away until the 3rd, but will definitely submit article on his trip - leave room for this)

Collate suitable photos
(note: include the photo Sue took at her meeting)

At the moment, when I put these in, there's nothing to tell me on the iPhone that there is a note associated with a task until I open the task itself.

Even if I attach a note to the project itself, there's still nothing on the iPhone to remind me that it's there.

That's why I've resorted to having a Notes action where I keep all the notes and this makes it obvious that there are notes. But, it's a bit tedious having to always look there just in case there's a note of something I need to remember. The note may only apply to 2 of the 20 steps.

I have to only work from my iPhone at work, we are all PC based, so I can't use Omnifocus on the desktop there.

It's not a huge problem, more of a niggle really, and as the app already shows an orange flag if the task has been flagged, I thought it might be not too difficult to have something similar to indicate whether there's a note there too/instead.