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In my Projects perspective, I have chosen to show two columns (other than the defaults of Name, Flag, etc.): Context and Due Date.

In the Sidebar, I've selected Library, and I can see every Project in this Perspective.

But sometimes I want to click on one particular project and print that out without the Context and Due Date columns. So I saved this as a New Perspective, and put the icon for it on my toolbar. It's basically the Project view without those two columns. When I click on this icon, I get a view of just the one Project, without the additional columns.

But when I then click on the Projects icon, I get the entire Projects view without Context and Due Date columns - which I WANT to see when I show all the Projects.

Is there a way I can save these two Perspectives? All my Projects - in Projects view - with those two columns ... and just this one Project in Projects view, without those two columns.

Thanks in advance,