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The complete unintelligibility of a range of five enclosed peers and their two cousins (above right) might seem to be as bad as it can get.
But wait, it doesn't yet conceal the symmetry of the underlying data ...
Theory would predict that if FooBar Inc adds just one more hire, and has an even number of hires (six) enclosed on either side, Automatic Layout should offer not just complete unintelligibility of who is reporting to who, but, as a bonus, spurious asymmetry too:

There we have it the three blue parents are now asymmetrically placed, and no one knows who reports to who. This is probably the full dog's breakfast, and it is all rooted in failing to center parents over their children, in the way that users would normally expect.

The diagram that FooBar Inc expected was:

Which is much more readable a much better ratio of signal to noise ...

A pity that the interactive Diagram Layout doesn't let us edit outlines while letting something like this evolve an aid to clarity and better use of working memory.

As it is, the best we can do is run an applescript to clean it all up at the end ...


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