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Hi everyone! I've been a member of the forums for some time and an OF user for well over 6 years. I'm 24 years of age and GTD/OF have truly assisted me in great aspects of my life, yet like the majority of you, to some extent i'm sure we all want to push ourselves into the next level of higher thinking when it comes to getting sh*t done. Apologies on the language, but admittedly (like you), i'm passionate about on the matter.

Seeing as how OF is a much more bare bones DIY structure, as perhaps say to Things (Does that app still exist?), I've molded and had fun with my system throughout the years. I've fiddled with contexts, project structure, and even to the point of how and what I name my projects... all in the attempts of bettering my productivity. I feel GTD and OF have assisted in my attending UCLA, a university in which I love to death. I'm currently a student and am in transition between graduation and finding a job/career, but that's beside the point.

Admittedly, aside from procrastinating at the moment I felt it interesting to ask this forum in particular about their personal approaches and attempts in better molding their OF system, if you do it at all. Members such as BRIAN, WHPALMER4, and others have been more than instrumental in providing not only tips and guidance, but overall encourage in these forums and think this thread as somewhat of a nudge in asking for further assistance in where my OF system can further evolve into.

(Like I said, I'm procrastinating at the moment)

Anyhow, I'll start off my mentioning that years ago all of my projects were incredibly structured. I would devote 2 hours to a Weekly Review with projects containing anywhere from 5-15 action steps. Truth is, I quickly learned that projects change and evolve themselves at the actions themselves come into fruition. Then I lowered my action count and even then I condensed it to having projects with no more than 3-5 actions. This isn't even to mention the approach I would take dependent on which Apple device I was using. This summer I implemented an approach in making sure all my projects were no more than 2 action items deep. Even then I don't feel thats the appropriate solution, as elegant it may seem.

Here I am, looking to tear down the structure of whatever approach I have currently in my system, coming to terms and an honest realization within myself that all that matters is the end long as I'm more than content with the manner in how it got done/completed/approached.

My current philosophy, 6 years in: OmniFocus doesn't matter (Sorry OF, I love you to the point of entertaining the thought of middle naming my future son OmniFocus); it only exists to assist my true daily productivity. What's helped me tenfold is looking at my available actions every morning and writing on my whiteboard the 3-4 primary actions of the day that I must get done. This is the reciprocal of years of tackling 10-15 minor action items and then hoping the 3 other most important items would get done as a sort of continuation in the momentum throughout the day. I feel much more content in tackling the 3 biggest important action items of the day and then going for the little mundane bi-daily action items. Yet still, it isn't the easiest approach to take. Studying is crucially important, but running errands at the grocery store seems easier to tackle on a random given weekday.

Enough rambling. If you're interested, let's discuss this one out. I feel this thread should focus more on the personal foundations we all have within our system and truth be told, would love to see everyone's individual perspective regarding the matter.