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I started out much like you, where I was mapping out projects fully. Now I just get 1 actionable item in the project. When I'm in action mode and come to that action, if I resist doing it I ask myself 'is there something else that needs to happen to complete this action'?

If there is, I create a child action and do it if I'm in the correct context, or do the next item in the context that I'm in.

Once that child action it complete, the original parent action shows up again and I try to complete it. If I can't complete it, I go through the same process mentioned above.

One of the issues with the iPhone version is the inability to create child actions on the action that I'm on working on easily.

I've found for most of my projects, this dynamic on the go process saves time and helps me to move forward. I don't need to plan out an entire project, just do the next thing. There are still projects where I need to do more planning, but even those projects will change as I move through them.