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No, there is no grand master view that shows all projects simultaneously, unless you combine them into one document. Reasonable people can disagree on whether that is a must-have feature.
Reasonable people may however I really think that we need to put this in perspective - as a total newby to PM I investigated many however went with Omni Group automatically because of their reputation for thorough products.

It is perhaps the most natural work flow to be able to work from a project overview and the drill down into the minutia of a variety of tasks. It is also the case that most folks would benefit from being able to totally separate projects out.

Now I can't play the victim role here - I was given an extended 30 day period after bringing this up however sadly during that time I simply didn't have the time to invest in the program given life and business events.

I can tell you now that I am sitting down to invest in the planning aspect of projects more it is a real PITA not to have this function.

Looking at the other market offerings, considering that 2007 was when it was bought up as an issue for a lot of folks, this wouldn't be dealt with by now.

The price point of this software is about what folks should be paying for a good bit of software all told, however as it stands it really has made me wonder why I remain so enamoured with Omni as being a bastion of mac app design.

I know with my clients that if they were making some valid points that I had acknowledged and let slide since 2007 then I would be taking a cold hard look at the situation at the very least.