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I always found the OG inspectors to waste way too much screen real estate and was hoping they'd redesign them so they would be more compact and take as little space as e.g. Apple's inspectors.

Now with v6 they got even larger! But that's not all I cannot even move them out of the way!
Not everyone is working on a 30" screen all the time, this is really making things worse.

We have the same with the layers/canvas inspector. That thing was never very space saving, now they just made it larger and take more space than ever. UI wise OmniGraffle is a big pain in the neck now. What a shame.

Also the idea of keeping height/width and coordinates for top and left corner of an object not grouped vertically but horizontally is a very bad one. Human perception always gives preference to vertical grouping and especially since the vertical space between the values is less than the horizontal space the inspector for these numeric values is a bad mess and really works against human perception.