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As I have an older Macbook that cannot use Mavericks and I can no longer download OO3 from the App store.
If I make a copy of OO3 onto a backup drive, and if anything untoward should happen to my Macbook. Would it simply be a matter of copying the back into the Applications folder for it to work or are there other files that need to be copied too?
If you have 10.8 on that Macbook, you will be able to download 3.10.6. When you click the install button it will say you are unable to run the current version but you can download the last compatible version. I do not know if this is supported by the App Store in earlier OS X versions but you could easily check by moving the currently installed version to the trash (don't empty it) and then try to download the app from the App Store again. If it doesn't work, just move the copy out of the trash back to your Application folder.