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Is there something in a FAQ or thread that explains how this has been overhauled?

In 1.6 and before, there were 2 options for repeating: (1) repeat every XYZ, and (2) repeat AFTER completion

Now I don't see any Repeats option anywhere. What I see is something at the bottom of the Action Inspector that says "Due Again" with 4 different options on a dropdown menu:

Don't repeat
Due every
Start again
Repeat again

Needless to say, I'm confused.

All the Actions that I had set up in 1.6 as "Repeat every 1 day after Completion Date" don't work. I have a number of Actions a week overdue. I check them off, and they reset to the next day (something like Aug 22), when they should reset to tomorrow (August 29). This happens even when it says right in the Inspector: "Next Due Aug 29".

So I get the impression I have to change all my old repeating actions that were set to "repeat AFTER completion" in 1.6 from (in 1.7) "Due Again" to "Start Again". Is that right?