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Hi everyone - this is my first post here, so thanks in advance to anyone who offers feedback and ideas.

Firstly, I've been running OF on my MBP and iPhone 4 for less than a week and so far I'm convinced this is by far the best tool for my productivity needs. +1 for Team Omni.

Secondly, all is well thus far except for the fact that only two of my four perspectives are syncing to my phone. Sure, this isn't the worst thing in the world, but it would be handy to know I can create multiple perspectives and have them available when I'm on the move. I did a forum search and only found one semi-related thread dating back to 2008 - no solution came from that so I'm a bit stuck right now.

Is this a known flaw? Is there a simple fix? I'll have another play tomorrow - but in the meantime, I would be grateful if anyone could shed any light.

Many thanks