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a new document with JUST the rows whose date is greater than, say, a month ago. The new document should keep the same structure (levels of indentation) as the old one.
I'm just trying to clarify in my mind how one would want to resolve the tension between only wanting matching rows, and still wanting the same degrees of indent.

If the only matching dates are the deepest leaves (the most indented rows), how, for example, would we best return them with the same level of indent while also eliminating all of their ancestors ?

Placing an indentation chain of empty nodes above them, perhaps ?

Or if the only two matches are the root node (least indented row) and the deepest leaf (most indented row), what should we return ?
  1. The whole tree ?
  2. The full chain of descent, all details preserved, down to the deepest leaf ?
  3. A full chain of descent in which all the intermediate nodes are blank ?


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