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[New user, and working on importing from Mori. Still going uphill, for now.]

The 'repetition' property of a project or task is a record:

repetition:{unit:day, fixed:true, steps:11}
There are links to 'repetition interval' in the dictionary, but there's no definition.

I'm unsure about 'fixed'. I think it controls whether the next repeat is calculated from the current value (true=fixed interval - hard recur), or from the completion date (false=not fixed - soft recur).

I'm still confused about what this does to the popup in the Inspector's repetition panel. Only 'start again' and 'due again' can have the "from completion" qualifier, but there seems to be no way to control the popup from a script. It appears to always go to 'due again'.
Bit of a bother, as my repeating tasks are mostly of the 'start again' variety.
Is there, maybe, a workaround?