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I looked at the video presentation of OmniFocus and I would like to make some suggestions. If implemented, I would become right a user.

I have been looking for a task and info manager. I looked at SOHO Notes, Yojimbo, Formation and others. They are all very interesting. But the only one that gives me what I am looking for is Formation, yet it lacks important features.

What I need, which I cannot find in SOHO notes of Yojimbo and which I can find in Formation, for example, is the possibility to add columns. I do not want to manage only task, but also informations about these tasks. If I manage only tasks, it is for me pretty useless since for every task I can have a log of info to manage as well. For me, one without the other is useless.

So, I would like to be able to add columns as I need according to each project I am working on, so that I can enter the info I need for each projet (which would be a folder in OmniFocus). From one project to another, the info I need to enter may greatly differ. So, I think this kind of flexibility would be great and, I am ready to bet that it would be appreciated by many people

In many ways, I get exactly that in Formation, but it had serious limitations, in particular alarms. Will OmniFocus have alarms? If not, then this is a serious limitations. Alarms are important to manage tasks!

If OmniFocus stays as the video presentation, I feel it remains limited. But if it is possible to have the possibility to manage informations alongside the tasks, then it would be a much more interesting software.

The presentation on the video is nice, but... there is still a lot that needs to be done to make it a great piece of software...

My main suggestion is: make it a task AND info manager, links with iCal, with alarms. Its flexibility would be shown by the way we could manage the info we need to enter for each project, i.e. have columns that would manage that info (dates - not only starting and closing dates, numbers, popup lists, texts, files, URL links, contacts, alarms, etc.).

Softwares like SOHO Notes or yojimbo, though interesting in this regards, they impose columns. There is no flexibility in this regards whatsoever.

I hope these friendly suggestions will be of interest...

Keep up the good work!