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Yes, but Apple domestic computer sales outstrip international sales and that suggests the majority of OmniGraffle users might not be in a metric environment... That's not to say that the proposed change wouldn't be a good thing, just that metric users are quite possibly a minority, not a majority as you suggest.
Before you casually write off the world outside of the USA as a minority, please read this article about how international sales have rescued Apple this year and see the first two quarter sales figures that show how domestic sales only outstrip international sales by 4%.


Sales figures for 2009:

It would seem a foolish business practice to alienate the world outside the USA by not making it easier to allow metric measurements - this is the first piece of computer software I have encountered that makes it so difficult - but presumably Omnigraffle have their reasons. Regardless, unless they change their position, they won't be getting any of my money.