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This is amazing! Here are some of the things OmniFocus for iPhone does that NO OTHER iPHONE Task Management App does:

[B]Create a task called "call John Smith ph# (555)555-5555.
Start time: [[say twenty minutes from now]] Context: PHONE".

Start time for a GTD task is not the same thing as an appointment time; the rest of your rant seems to evolve from this misunderstanding. There's been a lot of discussion on the forum about this issue and how much calendar functionality OF should include, but the answer thus far has been "not much".

A GTD approach to calling JS might be that your task manager reminds you, when it is appropriate, that you need to schedule a phone call, but the scheduling actually happens elsewhere such as in your (possibly shared) calendar application.

In the manual for OF for the iPhone there is no mention of the word "alarm", "alert", or "dial". In the FAQ there is mention that support for "Time-based notifications (coming in 1.5.2)" is not yet available.

But now that you mention it, it does seem a bit lacking that a clickable URL can be in the notes field and not in the actual task text (URL of any type, including phone numbers). Best to request that feature through the usual email channels.