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With a little bit of fiddling, you could do this: you could run OF on your work machine, and only put work-related stuff in the database. On your home machine, just set up a separate user account for your work-related stuff, and run OF in there, set to sync via disk so you can use a USB thumb drive (you specify a file on the thumb drive as the sync location). Now you can move back and forth between the work machine and the home machine without commingling your data. You could also use MobileMe or SwissDisk or other webDAV provider to do an online sync -- you just need to specify a different filename than you are using for your home account. With a bit of care, you could even switch the iPhone back and forth syncing to either database, but you would want to be sure to make sure to always force a sync before switching to the other database, or you could lose recent changes made on the iPhone.