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I’m a big Omnigroup fan, I make regular use of OmniFocus and OmniWeb and have licenses for pro versions of Outliner and Graffle. Have traditionally used Notebook from Circus Ponies for my outlining needs but am giving OOP another try. But I'm struggling with the document setup metaphor and need some advice. Here’s what I'd like to create, can I do it in OOP?

I want one document that contains all my notes for a given topic I'm spending time training in. In this case, I'm trying to become more proficient at Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology, bought a membership at their Connect site and am methodically going through their educational materials. So, for example, I'd like my document to look like this:

file name: GTD Training Notes

then within that, I have sections, like:

Getting Started Series

Webinar Notes

Misc Podcasts

then within those sections is where I actually have notes, so within the Getting Started Series section I would have outline pages for...

“Basic Productivity Tools”

and so on.

Under the Webinar Notes section, I'd have outline pages for the individual webinars. You get the idea.

I know how to easily do this in Notebook, but am really struggling trying to set this up in OOP. Can I get there from here?

I appreciate any suggestions, thanks.