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yes, but I have no idea how to do that, and that seems kind of weird to me that it would be that hard. This is getting really frustrating.

Created a new file, and at the very top of it in the utility top window I titled it “GTD Training Notes”. I clicked the plus button to add a new something, no idea what that something is called. Named that Getting Started Series. Added two more for Webinars and Podcasts. Then tried to add pages as children to the Getting Started Series page. Can’t figure out how to do that. When I clicked on the Getting Started something on the left, on the right pane it says ‘topic’ so I figure maybe that’s where I do it. I title that Introduction and now I see “Introduction” whether I'm clicking on Getting Started or Webinars or Podcasts.

Maybe this is intuitively obvious to some, but for me this is getting really, really frustrating.