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Ah, ok so I'll try to clear up some confusion here. Notebook has a much more visual notion of "pages" then what OO has. In OO you would instead work with one long outline with the ability to limit your view to sections (what would be a page in Notebook).

To get a feel how OO works, do this:
-Create a new file
-In the outline view, create rows for "Getting Started Series", "Webinar Notes", and "Misc Podcats"
-In the section list of the utility drawer, you will now see those 3 listed there.
-Select the "Getting Started Series" row in the outline view and push return to create a new row underneath
-To make that new row a child of "Getting Started Series", just push tab and then type in "Introduction".
-Create another row for "Basic Productivity Tools"
-Now click on "Getting Started Series" in the utility drawer.
-In the outline view you should now only see the two child rows "Introduction" and "Basic Productivity Tools".

If you want to limit your view to just the "Introduction" section, you can do that be either select the row and Hoist command (View -> Hoist) or by expanding the list in the utility drawer. To expand the list, right click on "Getting Started Series" in the drawer and select "Show Subsections". Now you can click directly on "Introduction" or "Basic Productivity Tools".

"Topic" is the name of that column which the same column used through the whole file so if you rename it, it will be named that in every section.