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Derek, this was helpful, thanks.

I wish that in the utility drawer it just automatically showed subsections and then had a control icon like an arrow in the outline view where I could expand or collapse individual sections without having to right click and select a menu item.

There are things I like about OOP better than Notebook, but this isnít one of them. OOP seems to do well with integrated outlines but if one wants to store a lot of different material on different subjects and organize it by pages, this is where (at least for me) Notebook has a clear edge.

I appreciate your help, youíve given me enough to be able to test to see if I'm going to be able to use OOP or if I need to stay with Notebook. Thanks again.
I have a massive action list in OOP with many topics and many levels. There is no convenient way that I could do this in NoteBook. A large part of the outline relates to my web site (a couple of thousand topics). The unwieldily part is filing new random ideas. I've found it handy to prefix row types with a special symbol character so I can recognize. All web pages begin with a star character. Book titles begin with the ace of spades character. Projects begin is a another special character.

I make extensive use of the utility drawer. Once get its expansion level set the way I want it rarely have to fiddle with expanding and collapsing the main outline. Never noticed it be an burden. I use Smart Scroll so I can position the mouse over the drawer and spin the scroll wheel to locate what I'm looking for. The coasting is a real benefit in working with long pages.

The file is a combination of idea filer and action list

I add "tags" for flagging a few special rows. The tags are purposely misspelled so I can find them. They are also sortable. rr-mouse-thkg = constant horizon scanning for trouble and opportunities; rr0 = today; vv1essential = very high on a value pyramid; vv0core is top of the pyramid. I can search for vv or rr and find all of them.

If OmniOutliner had the filtering ability of TaskPaper and the moving ability of Scrivener it would be getting closer to what I really need.

For me NoteBook shines at its clipping ability. I use it to take outline summary notes from articles and books. The date and time stamps in OmniOutliner are a pain and unusable for this kind of work. There are some work arounds for this but they rarely fit my situations.

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