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Interestingly, if you click on the logo at the top of the forum page, it takes you to the index page, but you can already go there by clicking on the "The Omni Group Forums" entry in the hierarchy list at the head of the thread you are reading. Why not make the OMNI logo at the head of the page a link to the main OmniGroup site. I run without any toolbars most of the time, bringing up the location bar when I need it, or very occasionally the favourites bar--the few sites that I link to every day, like this one, are tabs in my default workspace, so I don't really need a favourites bar all the time--so, although it's not much trouble to call up the location bar and type "omnigroup"-and that could even be given a shortcut, say "og", if I could be bothered--it would still be a better use of the OMNI logo as a link, it seems to me.
My two ha'p'orth.
vBulletin is really a "web site in a box" type app. (I refuse to call it a CMS.) In this instance, it's only be used as a forum. So for the sites that use it as a boxed site, the vB home page is the site's home page as well. That's not the case with the omni site. I'm not saying your comment isn't accurate, I'm just explaining why the logo goes to the forum home page.