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Originally Posted by Forrest
vBulletin is really a "web site in a box" type app. (I refuse to call it a CMS.) In this instance, it's only be used as a forum. So for the sites that use it as a boxed site, the vB home page is the site's home page as well. That's not the case with the omni site. I'm not saying your comment isn't accurate, I'm just explaining why the logo goes to the forum home page.
I'm not a programmer or anything but the most elementary site-designer when it comes to the web--for historical reasons I use GoLive! when I need to do anything on my personal sites, which I guess professionals would be horrified to hear ;) and they'd probably be appalled at the results--so although I can imagine a "web site in a box", I have no idea what CMS stands for, I'm afraid.
And yes, I understand why what happens might well be the case. I also assume that it wouldn't actually be too difficult to change that bit of the code. I was merely thinking in terms of ... well the way I think, as a hopefully not un-intelligent user of software, the web and imaging.
Mark :)