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I wasn't able to drag and drop them into the inbox, then tried to cut, then paste with the inbox selected, but they became projects. I then clicked on a item in the inbox, pasted, and they inserted fine (including not erasing the action I had selected).

Since I'm using folders, the problem is that I can't (or don't know how to) create a project inside a folder (from the Project column). I think there would need to be a keyboard equivalent to the right-pointing arrow separating folders and projects (e.g., Personal > Finances) to make this possible. For now, I can create Projects on the root (using the Projects column) and manually move them later. So as I say, the inbox isn't perfect yet for this, but it is a good step up. Thanks for the useful tip.


p.s. to filmgeek: The reason I didn't import them into the inbox was bc I didn't have luck dragging and dropping. I now know how to successfully paste items into the inbox. Your tip about assigning to an "ANALYZE" context works well also.

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