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You have to have growlnotify installed for the Growl portion of this script to work properly. And you have to ensure that growlnotify is available in your path so that when the shell command is called, it's able to be recognized from the system and run.

I suspect a path difficulty with growlnotify's location, or perhaps growlnotify is not installed.

If you are able to play with applescripts (highly recommended, they aren't horribly difficult), you'll notice the commented lines comment out a dialog box (you may need to swap a few lines here and there), that will turn on a display dialog instead of using GrowlNotify. :)

Ptone mentioned there's a bit fancier script version that might be a bit more robust for you in the link. :)

I'll try and alter the script and post it to not include growlnotify if you don't want to use growl.

Thanks for letting me know the difficulties you've had with the script. I hope that the above helps a bit!

ps- MacOsX hints forum has some excellent discussions about path settings for command line work. The "do shell script" line is essentially the line that is running the growlnotify command. If you type that line (within the quotes) into your terminal window, it will have the same effect as running that small portion of the applescript code. There is however a slight difference between the terminal and non-terminal paths... which is why I mention the MacOsXHints forums' basic Unix info. I know this is a lot of info, but I thought you'd want to know what's happening in that line of the script. :) Again, feel free to comment that out and turn back on the display dialog portion of the applescript. I'll try and get that done here soon as well and repost it.