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Hey LibraryMonkey,

Well, I have to admit that it's taken me years to become even mildly happy working in the terminal. :) I still haven't become a serious user of vi or emacs yet. :) So, I'm a youngling at terminal commands.

The path is really the critical setting... it's essentially just a location(s) where the unix underpinning of OsX looks for any programs. [A bit different than the OsX system... it needs to know where things are located... for instance: /usr/local/bin/ ] Since growlnotify is a unix program, it needs to know where it lives to launch it. I think a different trick could work. You can change the line that says: "do shell script..." to include the *path to the growlnotify program*. This way the system can know where it is to launch it. It looks like the location should be (after the has been run from the growlnotify folder included with growl): /usr/local/bin/ ha... and that's the same location as in my applescript. :( hmm... perhaps change it to just say growlnotify (without /user/local/bin/)... if the system knows where it is, it should automagically change it or just launch it. That may work!

If you try it out, let me know if it works. Again, it'd be /usr/local/bin/growlnotify to say: "growlnotify ..." alone. No /../../

Hope this helps! I'll definitely drop back on here and put up the display dialog version for you. I feel bad I didn't mention it required growlnotify to be setup right. :(