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First off, egg on my face.
I failed to see the option under Edit > Canvases > Duplicate Canvas. This, of course, behaves exatly like "Duplicate Canvas" from the context menu. But it doesn't feature a keyboard shortcut. Therefore I still believe, that two commands which invoke the same action (duplicating the canvas) should do this in identical fashion.

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Would you not think that there are those that might find having both those options available a positive point, rather than reducing them to a single behaviour?
I see your point, but no. If "duplicate at end of list" and "duplicate below current canvas" where to be two supported actions, they'd be reachable through two context-menu items AND/OR two keyboard shortcuts, but not split over different input devices.
Then again, I'm a believer in "less is more" and just sticking to one behavior would do the trick. Because what's not there, can not be missed. And yes, I'm very aware that the one half of OmniGraffle users, whose preferred method would be dropped, would heavily disagree with me. ;-). If I'd have to choose, i'd keep "duplicate below current canvas". Especially, because creating a new canvas (a very similar action) will always place the new canvas right under the current one.

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The app is one of the most Intuitive I have ever worked with .
True. It'a an awesome piece of software.

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Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing.
Again, this is nitpicking on my behalf.
Thank you for this great tool.