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Is there ways to show the group hierarchy in resources view?
Or ability to select the sub group info in 'view options'?

Here is some sample data:

1.1 version 7
1.1.1 implementation Amy
1.1.2 test John
1.2 version 8
1.2.1 implementation Amy
1.1.2 test David
1.3 tablet
1.3.1 implementation John
1.3.2 test Chris


when I select Amy or John in resource view, it will only show below

1.1.1 implementation
1.2.1 implementation
1.1.2 test John
1.3.1 implementation John

I have a lot of similar name tasks and sometimes it's nested several layers; I want an easy way to see which project the resource is on for a period of time (without have to do below
1.1.1 Version 7-implementation
1.1.2 Version 7 -test