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I've emailed the Ninjas about this issue and also told them you can send tasks from other Notebook type apps, eg Notebooks by Alfons Schmid allows you to send a note to OmniFocus to create as a task.

I really hope there will be better integration between the Omni apps.

Can you really not even copy and paste to the clipboard out of OO ??
I have Notebook. The ability to copy data to OF is crippled as well. What happens is that it puts the file information in the action field and the text in the note field - not very helpful and my gripe about the Clip-o-tron in general.

Here is an applescript that I wrote that takes each item highlighted in OmniOutliner and then puts it into a new action in the quick entry window. You then add the contexts and projects and you are good or you can just hit save and it keeps it in your Inbox for later processing.

Put this in your scripts folder for OmniOutliner Pro and it will show up in the scripts menu when you are running OO. If you have FastScripts installed, you can even assign a hot key to it.

Works well and better than the Clip-o-tron anyhow because you can, for instance, highlight all the action items you care about at one time and they are copied to the Quick Entry box.

This is what the Clip-o-tron ought to be, IMO. I've already put in a feature requests to the Ninjas to change the thing so that the text you highlight is in the action and file information is in the note.


tell front document of application "OmniOutliner Professional"
	-- set theDoc to front document
	--set columnCount to count of columns of theDoc
	set theList to the selected rows
	set theCount to (count of selected rows)
	if theCount < 1 then
		display dialog "You need to select at least one row to use this script." buttons "Cancel" default button "Cancel"
	end if
	-- go through each selected row in OmniOutliner and then create a corresponding
	-- action in the quick entry box of OF
	set actionText to ""
	repeat with i from 1 to theCount
		set actionText to (get topic of item i of selected rows)
		-- create a new action in Omnifocus QuickEntry window
		tell application "OmniFocus"
			-- create new action
			tell quick entry
				set NewTask to make new inbox task with properties {name:actionText}
			end tell
		end tell
	end repeat
end tell