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This is only indirectly helpful, but that message has nothing to do with OmniFocus sync. It is coming from the sync facility on the Mac that handles Safari bookmarks, iCal, iDisk, etc. which is not used by OmniFocus to do syncing with the iPhone or other copies of OmniFocus.

If you go to the System Preferences, select the MobileMe tab and have it actually do a sync it might stop complaining. If that doesn't work, possibly resetting the sync data (in the same place) will help, if you are comfortable that the computer on which you do the reset has a complete set of the data to repopulate the rest of the bunch. For safety's sake, you might make a backup copy of your various databases (Address Book, iCal, Safari bookmarks, etc.) synced by MobileMe before doing any of this.
Thanks for setting me straight. I reset the sync data and still get the message. I'll try asking the apple forums.