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After using OF2 for several days now, I wanted to offer my thoughts on the decision to depict flagged tasks by coloring the check circles orange. In my opinion, there is not enough distinction between the orange used for "flagged" and the yellow used for "due soon", especially when a task is both flagged and due soon - the half orange, half yellow circle just doesn't offer enough visual separation to be able to easily note that the task is flagged. Lists of tasks, some of which are flagged and some of which are due soon, are also difficult to differentiate, especially when scrolling through these lists.

My suggestion would be to either use a completely different color for "flagged" (blue?), or even better, show an orange flag icon inside the circle (similar to how the 3 dots are currently used to show a repeating task), and use color only for Due and Overdue.

(and not to hijack my own thread), but since I'm talking about visual differentiation, I'd like a bit more contrast between deferred tasks and active ones--maybe a bit lighter gray for deferred?

Thanks again to the Omnigroup for your great customer service!