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I'm coming to the view that OmniFocus+iPhone is going to be the best task manager for me in my role as a School IT Manager.

One thing I would really value would be the ability for other users to create or view my tasks.

I'm intrigued by the feature advertised on the website concerning iCal sync and some kind of mail-based task submission.

For example, I can imagine a simple PHP script on a webpage with a GUI for creating IT related tasks for me. Clicking submit converts the entered information into the special format Omnifocus will be looking for (with all those #,$, and >) and mails it to a special address "" created for that purpose. Does OmniFocus check the account by itself or does it require a mail client on the Mac? Does the iPhone version check for mail or only the desktop version?

Concerning the iCal sync: My boss uses Windows, but he also has Sunbird that can access .ics files. We have a WebDAV server we use to collaborate calendars between our Mac and PC users here - what kind of information ends up in iCal? Only the to-do list? Events in the calendar itself? Can events be created in iCal/Sunbird and appear at Sync in Omnifocus?

If anyone can give me some guidance, I think Omnifocus is going to be a good fit for us. Thanks!