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This morning's sync effort (after adding 2 items to iphone OF):

"Unable to find sync server.
No server could be found that matches your sync settings.
Please make sure that your sync server is awake and that OmniFocus is open."

Hit "cancel" and retried to synch several times, kept getting the same message. No settings changed from yesterday's last successful sync.

Went to iphone Settings and verified wifi connection to Mac. Went to OF on iphone Settings, then down to Synchronization, then to "Get Settings from Mac. "Searching" - after 20-30 seconds I get "No Wi Fi Connection." Re-verify valid wifi connection with Mac via iphone Settings, try again, same reult.

iphone OF/Settings/Get Settings From Mac = "if you don't see your Mac in the line below, resend settings from OF on Mac." I do this - "searching", then the Mac network shows up on the line, BUT

After getting "Synch currently in progress" (and progressive sync line appears, but no advancement), I then get
"Unable to synchronize database with server.
can't find host
Cancel Retry"

No matter what I tried for 15 minutes, I couldn't sync the iphone OF with the Mac OF. Maybe I am a beta tester, after all.

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