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I have noticed that various AppleScripts online and in OmniGroup's "Useful Scripts" collection contain what might be called "bare references" -- i.e., references that are not used to set the value of a variable or as part of a command. For example, in Useful Script's "Set Named Styles based on Priority Column" script, there is a loop:
if MyNamedStyle is not missing value then
    named styles of style of MyRow
    add MyNamedStyle to named styles of style of MyRow
end if
I am a very experienced AppleScripter, but I have never seen or done anything like this before. What is its purpose? Is this something unique to OmniGroup product AppleScript support (though I can't see how that would be)? Is it just illustrative? It seems very strange to have a line with just a reference followed by a line that includes the same reference.

I would search the Web or an AppleScript site generally for an answer to this, but I can't even think of what search terms to use, so I am asking it here.