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I bought Omnigraffle from the App Store several days ago along with Omni Outliner PRO.

I intend to use Outliner PRO to help me organize my thoughts (I am comfortable with the old fashioned hierarchy format, as long as it is flexible) and I want OmniGraffle to sometimes put already organized thoughts into a graph/box/cloud format.

So I need to know:
After I finish making an outline in OmniOutliner PRO, can I export it to OmniGraffle so that OmniGraffle can make whatever kind of a graph that I desire? Does all of the text and relationships (Parent, Child, Sibling) carry over to OmniGraffle?

Has anyone done this before? Do they open OmniGraffle first and import it from OmniOutliner PRO? Or do you start with you outline in OmniOutliner PRO and export to Omnigraffle?

Should I be going now for my glass of iced coffee? :-)


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